Thasoo Resort Riverstone


Located in the picturesque mountain ranges of Sri Lanka, Thasoo Resort is a development perched amidst the evergreen forests of Matale.

The project consists of 12 enchanting Chalets and 4 luxury rooms, accompanied by dining spaces and an infinity pool, together with ancillary structures which include Spas, Yoga Shala, and Workshop areas. The complex is organized as a permeable line of structures that complement the contours of the site. Special emphasis is put on the spaces in between the buildings and are programmed to be utilized as links between different functions and pockets of nature.

On arrival to Thasoo Resort, a calming, transforming power of nature is encapsulated by the circular motif that embeds crevices within the walls revealing its users a glimpse of the wonders that the retreat is yet to display. Taken through the serene pathway leading to the main building, houses an indoor and outdoor dining space and a local craft store. The complete absence of boundaries between each space cultivates a unique sense of freedom and mindfulness, resembling the deep state of relaxation that one journeyed to find at Thasoo.

The main building located on the highest point of the site offers a 360-degree view of the mountain ranges that surrounds the Resort and views towards the Knuckles range. Additionally, the exquisite infinity pool nestles within the backdrop, enhancing the panoramic experience of the site. Due to the descending contours, the project features a sunken restaurant hidden within the nooks of nature plugged onto the edge of the cliff offering an experiential quality of the context beyond, at different altitudes.

Thasoo Resort also offers two types of chalets, forest chalets that feature private lounge areas and outdoor timber decks for relaxation and contemplation, while the other features an additional plunge pool that overlooks the Knuckles mountains. At the edge of retreat, sits the tranquil spa and yoga Shala providing one an unprecedented opportunity to explore the relationship of the mind, body, and soul, inviting guests to better connect with themselves and the elements of nature. Sitting beyond the current definition of ‘wellness’, the term is translated spatially within the subtle interiors and water features, allowing one to begin a sensory journey of relaxation and rejuvenation from within and beyond.

The Thasoo Resort captures the quintessence of Sri Lanka’s abundant nature and rich heritage to project it into a new future as an inspiration and model for communities beyond. 

Typology Hospitality
LOCATION Riverstone Sri Lanka
CLIENT Thasoom Holdings Pvt Ltd
STATUS Design Development Stage


Architect a-designstudio