Coconut House


Located in the suburbs of Kotte, Sri Lanka on an acre of land with a typical lush landscape setting of Paddy fields and coconut groves, native to Sri Lanka. The back drop is kept untouched, maintaining its naturality with all its aspects.

The dwelling encompasses, 2 generously spaced bedrooms, with private views of the surroundings, the adjoining living and dining spaces leads to an open outdoor deck made with reclaimed timber. The open pool area connects the master bedroom to the living spaces, yet creating a subtle barrier of privacy between them. The architectural design is such that the spaces are elevated from the ground level, maintaining a grander view of the natural environment.

The materials used for the dwelling are in its absolute raw state mimicking the surrounding’s luscious wilderness. The rough cut cement earth toned flooring, the shuttering finished exposed concrete soffit and walls, and treated timber with weathered finish. The uniqueness of the dwelling space is its ability to fuse itself with the natural setting.  

Typology Residential
LOCATION Kotte Sri Lanka
Client Gihan Koddikara
STATUS Concept Design
DATE June 2019


Architect a-designstudio