Rubber Plantation Holiday Home


Rubber plantations, the setting of which is quiet and subdued in nature with a dull hum of the small creatures that have settled down in the wilderness. Slender trunks of trees hold the canopy of leaves above ground level, creating a natural shade for dwelling.

The single storey, 4 bedroom lodge spreads horizontally just 3 steps above ground level. The lodge wraps itself around a lean lap pool, providing a dynamic view of the body of water from the living spaces as well as the sleeper dwellings.

To optimize the view of the surrounding, the facades of the lodge are treated with mirror finish glass, making it possible to absorb the beauty of the surrounding , and also to provide the required privacy to the spaces. The external mirror finish, acts as a reflective surface to its surroundings creating a “bounce off” effect of its surrounding.

The exoskeleton of the dwelling is made up of H iron, making it a quick build. To express and expand the overall feeling of openness the use of glass is eminent. the open to air showers provides the user a complete in-one with nature experience.

The Grey toned lime rock cladded natural load barring walls adds a sense of rustic feel to the dwelling. The timber deck is made up of weathered wood with a natural cut finish and a Matt sealant. The fully glazed roof is of course the main feature of the dwelling creating a total and uninterrupted view of these magnificent trees.

The overall experience is to create a vacation space that mergers with its surrounding. Every space and its planing, and material used is to emphasize the slender tree clusters in the surrounding. 

Typology Residential
LOCATION Padukka Sri Lanka
CLIENT Private
STATUS Design Development Stage
DATE February 2020


Architect a-designstudio