The Clinic by Siddhalepa


Sri Lanka is well known for its astounding historical background filled with tales of great rulers, is also recognised for its unparalleled knowledge in science and medicine. The term Ayurveda is a combination of Ayuh” meaning life and “Veda” science or knowledge. For generations before western medical methods were introduced to our motherland, natural herbal remedies were practiced in Sri Lanka as early as the 3rd century B.C. Archaeologists have discovered ruins of ancient hospitals and medical equipment in historical kingdoms in around Sri Lanka.

The Siddhalepa brand is a common household name in Sri Lanka that still uses traditional healing methods and herbal remedies. The natural elements used to produce these medicines and treatments still upholds its traditional manufacturing methods as well.

Designing a space to house the Siddhalepa medicines in a modern establishment such as One Galle Face Mall was a delightful challenge for a-designstudio. It was of grave importance that the elements used within this space was in line with the products sold.

Copper - known for its healing properties was a key raw material used in the store interior. From the entrance to the store, the suspended bulkhead detail, and the back most facade, copper plays a key role in the design. The copper takes a textured strip form on both the vertical and horizontal surfaces.

With the prominent copper detail is a mixture of timber cladded hand woven natural rattan panels. Woven rattan too is an ancient form of carpentry used in Sri Lanka. The cladding of exposed white walls and part of the ceiling with the panels gave the space a natural earthy feel.

The floor is finished with light grey cut cement tile to neutralise the metals and brown toned elements. The tempered clear glass shelving provides the products displayed a floating sensation, whilst creating a point of focus to the displayed items.

The beige textured wallpaper cladded ceiling detail holds a recessed cool white light, which is the main source of illuminance in the space.

The display area at the entrance is segregated into 2 simple categories. One which depicts a typical Sri Lankan living room scenario with long arm chairs and foot stools with a random placement of various Siddhalepa products. The other is a taster counter which displays the Ayurvedic herbal tea range. The counters are made with natural granite stones, copper, and timber cladding maintaining the design theme of the outlet.

The overall simplicity and elegance of the interior compliments the modern architectural housing structure whilst staying true to the traditional Ayurvedic brand.

Typology Interior Design
LOCATION Colombo 2 Sri Lanka
CLIENT Siddhalepa
STATUS Completed
DATE December 2019


Architect a-designstudio