The Studio


The studio by our definition is a space that homes various creative minds of different walks of life. It houses 30 individuals that collaborate to design and execute one’s vision, a vision that may take form of a residence, a retreat, or a high riser. Our surrounding is our greatest inspiration, and our constant motivation to design habitations. The studio’s elegant atmosphere provides us with a home away from home. The gentle balance of luxury and comfort is what set the space apart from others. Every element, material, and texture is meticulously hand selected by our team of designers. The matt lacquered Mango wood flooring against the raw cement floor provides a subtle hierarchy between the common work spaces and the guest dwelling areas such as the board room and the guest lounge.

The boardroom is speciously designed to gather a group of 12 at a given time. It is well equipped with various digital mediums to carryout architectural presentation with optimised effects. Overall space in its minimal appearance maintains a serene mood for all levels of discussions and conversations.

The work station areas encompasses cement finish floors, cement texture cladded walls, smooth white washed walls and ceiling, with sudden charcoal coloured walls adding a blatant contrast to the space.

The use of strip lighting generates the illuminance required to enhance space without disclosing it original source. The row of slender matt black finish work station lights provided above all tables acts as a grand feature right cross the studio creating a cohesive design feel overall.

The scattered physical models of our live projects and the centre work table island takes a tone of jet black making the units distinctive against the work stations. The overall material selected are contemporary, preserving its natural textures, such as the modern timber cladded chairs, the raw cut cement floors, and the steel framed MDF tables.

In the midst of all things man made, the sprouting green clusters are a refreshing addition to the studio. Not only do they add character and life to the work space it further purifies the air in its surroundings. The scattered clusters of greenery are mindfully placed between work stations, lounge spaces, meeting spaces and even a few at the printer station adding a hint of green to all areas of work. The landscape planters entails a mix of evergreen shrubs and succulents, providing a perfect balance in green elements. The green wall created by the hydroponic system is a simple yet charming design feature that carries a variant of herbs and garden plants.

The tone of ambiance, the free spirited mind set, and the creative overflow within the studio, is the ultimate setting for the creation of all things beautiful.  

Typology Interior Design
LOCATION Colombo 4 Sri Lanka
CLIENT A-DesignStudio
STATUS Completed
DATE February 2018


Architect a-designstudio