The Lake House


A collaboration of minimal and traditional architectural styles blending in to create an open lounge, dining, pantry space, and a 3-bedroom lake front farmhouse (Holiday Home) based in Wular Lake, India. The design is based on an open plan layout concept, giving the user an uninterrupted expansive view of the lake as well as it’s serene surroundings. The house consists of two tiers, one of which encapsulates a heated lap pool. The indoor-outdoor living spaces consist of earthy monotone furniture, which are scattered around the house in the form of clusters.

The architectural features of the house would be the traditional clay tile roof over the main common spaces of the house, timber cladded columns, the stone-finished terrazzo flooring and the rock walls. A linear roof tile detail continues on the edge of the bedroom block creating a sense of uniformity throughout the design.

The pool facing bedrooms too follow the open-air concept with the minimal use of solid walls and fixtures. The interior finishes of the bedroom block are kept minimal and neutral as the external finishes consists of rock cladded walls and stackable sliding grooved timber doors. The neutral nature of the interior is to highlight the phenomenal backdrop, which is created by the lake and the surrounding green belt.  

Typology Residential
LOCATION Wular Lake India
CLIENT Private
STATUS Design Development Stage
DATE February 2019


Architect a-designstudio