Salah Masterplan

Architecture - 2012

The masterplan layout was designed to natural/environmental constraints of the site, including the wadi network, cliff edge and hillside terrain. The masterplan was to harmonise varying land uses together into one integrated, pedestrian focused development. 

The project was developed with an appreciation and understanding of the natural and architectural heritage of the Dhofar region, with supplementary references taken from the wider areas of Oman. The masterplan establishes a suitable and sustainable development density appropriate to the site. 

The masterplan aims to create a sense of place by situating residential & hotel development within envelopes that offer dramatic views of either the sea, the surrounding topographical features or over the entire resort itself offering each resident/guest a unique and memorable experience within the resort.

Typology Residential Master Planning
LOCATION Salalah Oman
CLIENT Royal Group UAE
STATUS Schematic Design Stage
DATE Pending


Architect a-designstudio