Piliyandala Residence


For a setting of a home it is important that one feels a sense of self within the spaces. The flow from one space to the other should almost feel habitual. For the design of Piliyandala residence, the above was achieved with the overlapping of 2 geometric massing blocks placed right angle to each other.

The site, situated in Piliyandala Sri Lanka, was sloping in nature. The use of such slopes to the architect's advantage brought about the tiering of the residence. Whilst the common spaces were placed on the upper tier with easy access to services, home office, and garage space, the bedrooms were set away surrounded by wild landscape, court yards, and a lap pool.

It was vital that the view points from all spaces lead to the mini jungle landscape setting. The intentionally overground wilderness is one of the key features in this design. It brings about a sense of cosiness by creating a natural buffer from the surrounding and maintains a cool temperature within the living spaces.

In line with the many contours of the land, the landscape too has been cultivated in tiers. The slender tall trees and creeper plants create a canopy of shade over the decked area, whilst the low growth fills in the greenery at eye level. The methodical placement of the trees and shrubbery does not conceal the architectural details of the residence but cleverly highlights them.

The finishes of the residence are kept clean, minimal, with ease of maintenance. The floors area treated with linear textured tiles, to create a sense of elongation. The introduction of the exposed brick walls brings in a rustic touch to the space whilst breaking the monotony of the built concrete feel. The timber deck that encapsulates the pool is further highlighted by the use of natural white sukabumi stones used within the pool. The bedrooms are treated timber flooring to add a sense of warmth to the interior.

Exposed retaining walls have been used to uphold the various levels of the land. Walls which are at lower levels have been treated with a slim concrete plinth, giving it the appearance of an architectural detail whilst concealing the structural requirement.

The fin like timber panels with linear indentations placed along the edge of the upper floor level are designed in manner to control the brightness entering the spaces which further creates an interesting play of light. To balance the timber panel element in the overall design, it is also used in the living and dining area and passages.

The overall interior design is kept modern and minimal keeping in line with the tropical climatic context. Tones of beige, browns, and greens have been used to ease the merging between the raw structural finishes and interior fit out.

The free flowing nature of this architectural design captures all the requirements of the clients whilst creating a modern tranquil dwelling habitat. 

Typology Residential
LOCATION Piliyandala Sri Lanka
CLIENT Kosala & Daniele
STATUS Design Development Stage


Architect a-designstudio