Pegasus Hotel Seafood Restaurant & Bar


The ocean waves and the coconut grove creates a breezy and intimate environment for this dining ambience. The concept design for the 4000 square foot open spaced seafood restaurant was derived from it’s tropical surroundings.

The restaurant consists of 2 blocks, one with a traditional tall pitched roof and the other as dual level build with an open roof terrace seating. Traditional Sri Lankan design elements such as pitched roof, cut cement finished floors, and timber cladded columns are used to emphasise on the tropical overall feel of the space.

The interior finishes of white paint finish walls; with the ripple like plaster pattern mimics the ocean waves and adds a slight textured feel to the walls. The mix of timber and light grey cement finished bar display and counter, are highlighted in subtle manner with the use of earthy materials and finishes. The inbuilt recessed lighting showcases the objects on display without overwhelming the surrounding with illuminance. The rooftop seating on the upper deck level gives a splendid view of the ocean as well as the harbour. The loose timber furniture is placed randomly to breakaway from the monotonous linear feel.

The hand-woven baskets of pendant lights made up of dried coconut inflorescence suspended from the tall ceiling with rustic brass rods adds a touch of casualness to the modern and minimal interior. There too, the light sources are kept to a minimal by the use of exposed filament bulbs. The rich timber cladded ceiling however, is highlighted with the use of up-lit LED lights, which are carefully placed within the roof illuminating the ceiling and enhancing the grandness of the structure.

The snug sofa seating made up of two toned timber (natural timber finish and white washed paint) fitted with traditional rattan bases and comfy cushions, creates a soft and serene feel to the space. Deep tan coloured Sheer curtains have been used as vertical partitioning to add privacy for the seating area. Timber finished outdoor bench type seating is placed in a refined sea sand pit to give the diner a variation of seating options as well as a complete beachfront restaurant experience. The use of candle lit lanterns are brought out in the evenings and placed randomly around the restaurant, which gives out a brilliance and a presence from a distance.

Typology Hotels / Resorts Interior Design
LOCATION Wattala Sri Lanka
CLIENT Carsons Cumberbatch PLC
STATUS Completed
DATE October 2015


Architect a-designstudio