Mount Lavinia Gated Community


Located on the sandy beaches of Mount Lavinia, the gated community houses 17 residences lined parallel to each other. The layout provides visual connections within the neighborhood to inculcate the sense of a close-knit family. The design's linearity is reflected in several elements ranging from planning to material selection and detailing.

Each property is meticulously designed to appeal to families of all demographics, resulting in places of intimacy and connection. Typologies of the houses are of 5 configurations, each featuring spacious vehicular parking, a living, pantry, dining, garden, and a rooftop overlooking the blue hues of the ocean. Service areas accommodate an outdoor wet kitchen, maid’s bedroom and bath.

Social areas are projected in a single large fluid space that opens onto the garden while the private areas are designed for intimacy allowing filtered lighting and ventilation.

The Mount Lavinia gated community is an epitome of contemporary housing tailored to a range of users in search of a place to call home. 

Typology Residential


Architect a-designstudio