MAS Athena



MAS Athena is an Educational Facility based in Thulhiriya, Sri Lanka. The space consists of a grand reception and living lobby, classrooms, courtyards and a café. The vibrant hues of fabrics and the refined furniture gives the spaces a fresh appearance. The reception area is given precedence with the use of formal seating, lightweight furniture and solid cut cement and timber finished grand reception.

The central courtyard attracts the overflow of the reception waiting area with it’s green pod seating, terraced lounge and the delicate mix of hard and soft landscape. The café is situated over looking the grounds gives a casual dinning experience for both large groups and individuals.

The spacious classrooms compile of mobile translucent furniture, which gives the flexibility to rearrange the seating into any preferred arrangement. The energetic flooring of hexagonal carpet tiles enhances space from floor level, maintaining subtlety, giving a clean open space for lectures and other workshop activities. 

Typology Interior Design
LOCATION Thulhiriya Sri Lanka
CLIENT MAS Fabric Park Pvt Ltd
STATUS Contract Documentation Stage
DATE December 2017


Architect a-designstudio