Koggala Lake Residence


Situated at the edge of Koggala Lake, the site is surrounded by countering land and small clusters of islands. The layout of the residence quickly takes form on the terraced land automatically creating the levels for each space. Optimising the views from each level, the architectural design is split into 3 tiers. The main living, dining, and pantry including the services are on the top most level on the site, whilst the 3 spacious bedrooms open out to the garden tier layer below. The linear lap pool takes central precedence between the common and private spaces. It is also in line with the main dwelling block.

The pool extends out to a generously spaced deck area and further to a green lawn giving ample lounging / breakaway spaces. Maintaining all the naturally existing trees and introducing it in forms of break away spaces at each level provides the user a sense of connectivity with nature.

At point of entry, the residence takes the appearance of a single storied space, as the layout flows more on a horizontal plane.

The curved translucent brick walls which are designed as features to the geometric solid design creates a sense of lightness to all the spaces. The materials used on the exterior are natural rock cladding, exposed rendered concrete finishes, and natural stained timber. The common circulation paths are treated with black pebbled terrazzo finish, whilst the fully glazed sliding panels encapsulates the living, dining spaces. The bedrooms are covered with openable timber screens to provide the spaces with privacy, when required the panels too can be fully opened unfolding the rooms directly to the lawn with a magnificent view of the lake. The subtle concrete lipping detail that runs throughout the residence creates and identifies the boundary limitations.

It was vital for the designer to approach the overall architectural design of the residence maintaining harmony and balance between the surrounding landscape and the dwelling spaces. Therefore the overall architectural language follows the indoor - outdoor living experience, bringing in the surrounding environment to the utilized spaces.

Typology Residential
LOCATION Koggala Sri Lanka
CLIENT Private
STATUS Concept Design Stage


Architect a-designstudio