Kodituwakku Residence

Interior design - 2016

Traditional yet minimalist design approach was taken with the merging of colonial Sri Lankan architectural elements and current design techniques.

Copper finished screens consisting of Persian patterns were used to highlight yet separate areas within the informal living space creating playful shadows within. The bold exposed brick feature wall is diffused with the use of solid wood floor to ceiling book shelves with sleek semi opaque matt finished glass panels doors, creating an exquisite library for the living room. A copper finished pool table is placed in parallel to the informal living room which opens up to an indoor central courtyard with a Lilly pond and water feature which brings in the charm of a home.

The formal living and dining space which consists of double height ceilings are immaculately designed with traditional hand carved moldings. Materials such as travertine and marble is used on floors and walls to highlight the grandness of the space.

The pantry space and outdoor breakfast dining however, is designed in a completely minimal manner with high glossy reflective surfaces and modern day technology. The panty design is kept extremely minimal with integrated electrical units and furniture. The outdoor breakfast dining area is designed in a similar manner to further compliment the minimalist design in the pantry space. 

Typology Residential Interior Design
LOCATION Colombo 7 Sri Lanka
CLIENT Kushan Kodituwakku
STATUS Schematic Design Stage
DATE Pending


Architect a-designstudio