Villa Blu



Set among the flawless tranquil beach front, indigenous wetlands bustling with native wildlife, and lagoon habitats with coral reefs sits Kalametiya, a coastal region in the southern point of Sri Lanka. The subtlety elevated land covered with soft sea sand provides a scenic view of the vast ocean.

The villa Blu is perched upon a gentle slope giving prominence to all living spaces. The semi traditional dual storey exterior shell accommodates 4 luxurious bedrooms with en suite washrooms, and a master suite, each with it’s own private balcony overlooking the sea. The architectural style encompasses wide open living spaces on the ground floor, opening up to terraced natural landscape, and robust ocean waves.

The continuation of flooring and wall textures from common dwelling spaces to bedrooms adds uniformity and creates a seamless sensation. The rustic exposed Kabok feature wall runs the full span of the living room, forming an earthy backdrop to the space. The timber cladded stairway connecting the ground level to the first, which hovers over the open pool water acts as a screen between the living and dining spaces. The stairway is encased with sliding trellis windows adding a sense of privacy to its surrounding.

The natural white stone mosaic cladded T-shaped pool wraps the back façade of the villa giving an unique infinity impression. The shaded lower tier timber deck provides ample outdoor lounge spaces in line with the pool which blurs the boundary of the exterior, giving its inhabitants a seamless experience of the oceanfront. The landscape is limited to flora exquisitely native to the land maintaining its authenticity. The tall slender coconut trees, and the mudilla plants, and ground cover are methodically scattered around the premises. The landscape is lit subtly through the plants giving prominence to the green, without drawing attention to the light source.

The structure’s traditional elements including intricate timber cladded circular columns, cut cement tiling, and timber deck merges with the contemporary layout and modern furniture to manifest a space that is functional and modern, but stays true to a design aesthetic unique to Sri Lanka. 

Typology Hotels / Resorts
LOCATION Kalamatiya Sri Lanka
CLIENT Erandi & Asela Peiris
STATUS Completed
DATE August 2018


Architect a-designstudio
Structural Engineer Mr. Nilan Herath