Jaffna Residence


Located in the quiet suburbs of Jaffna nestle is the residence of a small family, spreading across an acre of land with paddy fields and coconut groves, native to Sri Lanka. Taking inspiration from the unique vernacular architecture of the city, Jaffna residence is designed to encapsulate the rich heritage of the vicinity with a contemporary twist. On arrival to the dwelling, one is greeted with a broad stoned pathway led by vistas along the route through the residence.

The house is designed to provide spacious interiors that follow an open plan system visually connecting spaces to the extensive garden that surrounds, and other interiors from within. Privacy is regulated in the development by the usage of plants at different heights.

Each space accompanies its dedicated courtyard which translates the concept of borrowed landscape, extending the interiors to the garden beyond providing an ever-changing experience. Water pavilions and timber decks ornate the residence providing smooth transitioning between outdoor and indoor spaces. Perforated brick walls are designed to bring in indirect sunlight into the interiors softening the spaces and eliminating any forms of discomfort.

The rooftop garden overlooks the courtyards bellows providing uses an experiential quality of being with plants at varying levels.

Typology Residential


Architect a-designstudio