Horton Plains Holiday Home


This project consists of a two-story, 5,000-square-foot single family holiday home on a 12,000-square-foot property in Horton Plains, SriLanka. A quaint family retreat set in the luscious green mountains of Sri Lanka, featuring timber cladding, concrete floors and wide-span glass doors giving a smooth panoramic view of the serine surroundings.

The driveway leading to the dwelling, sits on a steep cliff of the forest overlooking the mountain range. The home consists of two rectilinear volumes that is connected by timber cladded stairway. The home is designed as two identically sized, nearly translucent rectangular units, placed perpendicular to each other.

The rectangular living spaces beautifully frames views of the surrounding terrains. The interior of the home is completed with polished concrete flooring, walls and ceilings connecting the all the spaces creating a unique flow of patterns. 

Typology Residential
LOCATION Horton Plains Sri Lanka
CLIENT Private
STATUS Schematic Design Stage
DATE December 2018


Architect a-designstudio