Hokandara Gated Community


Typology Residential
LOCATION Hokandara Sri Lanka
CLIENT Ananda Jayawardana
STATUS Design Development Stage


A modern minimalist two-storey house comfortably sits within one and half acres of terracing land in the outskirts of Colombo. The design follows the natural contours of the land to create the levels in the living spaces, hence the heights of the structure does not over power the simplicity of the design. The exquisite yet minimalistic house consists of open living and dinning area and ample garden spaces.

The residence has a private natural pool, outdoor lounge and roof top garden terrace over looking the vast paddy fields. The four spacious bedrooms have unique views of the natural pool, paddy fields and the magnificent foliage filled surrounding. The textures of the finishes are kept simple and linear, with the use of treated naturally stained teak timber, exposed concrete structure and slate walls. The exposed concrete shuttering finish enhances the raw and natural state of the structure. Overtime the textures and the colours of the concrete maybe fade away due to the surfaces being exposed to the natural elements giving a constantly altering overall finish.

The grandness of the design is mimicked by the openness of the floor layout. The living spaces are neatly tucked away between natural spaces giving a cool and outdoor feel to all interior spaces.


Architect a-designstudio