Hiriketiya Boutique Hotel


Adjoining the Hiriketiya Bay located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka is a magnificent site scattered with rock boulders. The boulders are naturally arrange to tier out to the ocean. The site is set with the rock cluster with a phenomenal panoramic view of the Indian ocean. The back drop to the site is a densely vegetated jungle. These setting are rare in Sri Lanka where the jungle meets the ocean, creating a designer’s dream location to design.

The setting was ideal for a Boutique Hotel. The quaint water pockets scattered around the site creates interesting breakout spaces.

The Boutique Hotel consist of 9 exclusively luxurious rooms and on suite washrooms, with uninterrupted views of the ocean. The upper tier of the room wing cantilevers over the sand lounge whilst the lower tier sits at the end of the pool. The interior of the rooms are kept minimal and neutral with subtle accents of colour. The minimalist approach is maintained to highlight and bring emphasis to the vast ocean front.

The linear pool which is built around the clusters of rock extends from the main living area, and wraps around the lower level rooms. The timber deck that runs in parallel to the pool comfortably accommodates a considerable number of generously spaced sun lounges, it can further act as a space for out door entertainment.

The architectural layouts of the boutique hotel is set in a similar fashion to a residence, which in turn bring in a sense of ease to the dweller. The main living area and dining spaces are in line with the lap pool. The introduction of the sand lounge adjacent to the main living breaks the monotony of the comfortably spanned deck area, whilst creating an extended outdoor living.

The landscape for the hotel plays a key roll in the overall architectural design. The clusters of trees and low growth is maintained in their natural element to the greatest extent. The well balanced harmony between the built structures and the natural landscape provides the overall design its uniqueness in the form of camouflage.

Typology Hospitality
LOCATION Hiriketiya Sri Lanka
CLIENT Private
STATUS Concept Design Stage


Architect a-designstudio