Han'dhu Resort Maldives



Han'dhu Resort Maldives

The tranquil ripples of the shallow waves breaking against white crystal sand banks, the whoosh of sea breeze gliding through the tropical vegetation, the clusters of organically shaped and softly contoured islands scattered in the south west of the Indian Ocean creates the picturesque background for the luxurious 125 Villa boutique hotel in the Kolhumadulu Thaa Atoll.

The little island named Gaathurehaa hosting the 125 Villa resort, has a range of rare characteristics which sets the island apart from the rest. Miniature salt-water rivers that cascades through the land creating delicate passages of water within the island. The mini sand dune gatherings add subtle levels to the landscape and its vegetation. The distinctive half moon shape of the island is the most captivating feature giving the designer a stunning canvas to explore a range of creative design approaches.

The design consists of 53 Ocean decked Villas, 44 beach front Villas, and 28 river bank villas, along with a center island set reception area which connects to the main restaurant, lounge areas and sun decks. The commons spaces take a modern linear appearance with the use of material and design elements such as timber trellis, ultra clear glass, semi textured walls and white pebbled terrazzo floors to emphasize on the aspect of luxury yet maintaining a quick build construction process. 

The beach villas are in the form of 2 units, which separates the active from the resting. The mezzanine floor cantilevered above the ground level lap pool creates unique and dynamic viewing angles of the ocean and its surroundings. Ocean villas, which are set in shallow waters of the ocean takes on the concept of the golden ratio, concaving in a spiral manner mirroring peripheral angle of the island. The villa consists of a lap pool, which is set at the same water level of the ocean creating an infinity pool effect. The sunken water lounge, dining area and the lap pool is placed in a single linear manner which also acts as the divider between the living and bed room spaces creating the sense of privacy and intimacy. The 28 river villas are scattered along the water streams, whilst taking a similar shape in design to the other villas. The double-leveled structure is yet again split to create resting and active spaces. The key feature of these villas is the overhung exposed thatched roof.

The circular shaped pool and bar structure, which is the center eye of the Gaathurehaa island, is very unique to the Maldives island collection. The play of light is achieved with the use of various thicknesses of timber trellis works which also provides sun shade to the sun bed area, set a tier higher than the pool level. The magnificent pool is shallow in depth which is designed to be a water lounge and not necessary a lap pool.

The resort was given the name Han’dhu to match its naturally curved half moon shape island, and with the addition of the meticulously designed resort will undeniably strike a lasting impression on its audience.

Typology Hotels / Resorts
CLIENT Private
STATUS Schematic Design Stage
DATE December 2019


Architect a-designstudio