Hackers Beach Mirissa


Located in the coral beaches of Mirrisa, Hackers Beach boutique hotel sits in a tight triangular plot encapsulated in the lush green landscapes, overlooking the blue hues of the Indian Ocean. Featuring six exquisite chalets, indoor and outdoor co-working spaces, a bar, and a restaurant, the project caters to long-term tourists who wish to experience the island’s most scenic beaches.

As one enters, the user is greeted with lightweight bamboo trellis that pattern the pathways leading towards the exquisite plunge pool overlooking the beach and other integral amenities of the hotel. The shadows created by these pergolas, highlight the earthy textures of the boutique hotel creating an everchanging environment.

From the reception, one’s view is directed to the spacious dining and the rustic bar which further extends to the outdoor co-working space which sits beside the pool. Camouflaged by the green surrounding, nestles the luxury chalets featuring an extensive sloping thatched roof ornated by creepers. Each room features lavish amenities with light interiors which complement the teak structure.

The play of light and shadow, vistas towards the sea and, natural materials such as teak and rattan are the dominant element of the hotel that creates a dialogue with the landscape.

Thus, the Hackers Beach Hotel is the epitome of a tropical resort with a contemporary twist shaped through the need for functionality, in combination with the natural landscape.

Typology Hospitality
LOCATION Mirissa Sri Lanka
CLIENT Hackers Beach Pvt Ltd
STATUS Contract Administration


Architect a-designstudio