Colombo Fort Hotel

interior design - 2016

Situated in the heart of business hub in Sri lanka, Colombo Fort Hotel is a small scale business hotel consisting 50 rooms. The exterior of the building takes a more colonial finish with ornate arches and mouldings yet the interior consists of a modern timber finish.

The timber light panel details acts as feature with mood lighting as well as the bedhead. The richness and grandeur of the timber cladding with the copper edge details merges with the colonial style façade creating a unique design concept for the overall hotel.

The design for the hotel room is based on the fading gradient of elements. All essential items are given a colour base coat, which translates for a rich purple hue to white in colour. The feature bedhead detail as well as the washroom shower cubicle feature wall consist of tempered glass with a similar gradient to match the colour theme.


Architect a-designstudio