Beira Lake Cultural Centre


Hovering over the edge of Beira lake, surrounded by Colombo’s cultural icons sits the 5 tiered split level building which is designed to showcase the cultural diversities Sri Lanka has to offer.

The complex includes, grand halls, exhibition spaces, restaurants, art galleries, and recreation areas with a multitude of breakaway spaces, each space systematically designed to suit its users. The colour balance and textures are rustic earth tones and exposed raw concrete maintaining a minimalistic appearance to the shell of the building, which naturally highlights the artifacts, paintings and performers inhabiting the spaces.

The architectural design is such that the exoskeleton is treated with a translucent material showcasing the inner shells of the building which are at varying setbacks. The inner shells consists of exposed concrete walls , steel columns and the structural glass.

The mindfully scattered, still bodied shallow water features placed at the edge of the building reflects the subtle curvatures of the structure creating playful shadows in the water.

Typology Mixed Use
LOCATION Colombo 3 Sri Lanka
CLIENT Department of Cultural Affairs
STATUS Concept Design


Architect a-designstudio