Azure 10 Villas


Between the brightness of the blue ocean waves, and the green hue of the slender paddy crops sits – Azure, a collective of 10 beach front Villas with optimum views of the stunning surroundings.

Each Villa covers a slim strip of land with luscious landscape native to the area. The set out of the 10 villas are designed in a step manner providing prominence and privacy to all. Comprising of both 2- and 3-bedroom villas, Azure provides high-end luxury dwellings with spacious living and dining spaces and a continuous ocean view. The lap pool wraps around the ground floor bedroom that gently cantilevers over the crystal blue water. The overall materials used are of sand tones, white beige and mud red. The boundary wall takes a cement combed finished texture which spreads right through the villa, creating a sense of continuance of the outside to the inside.

All Villas comprises of lavish beach gardens, open to sky courtyards, infinity green walls, and quaint green walkways from within the villa to the beach. The still water bodies flushed with innate water plants, at each entrance, bringing in the sensation of tranquillity to the space.

Typology Residential
LOCATION Ussangoda Sri Lanka
CLIENT Private
STATUS Design Development Stage


Architect a-designstudio