The Summer House



The soft clean lines, the subtle textures of the surfaces reflect the simplicity of the minimalistic architectural design of this modern beach villa in the southern coast of Sri Lanka. The Summer House consists of two floor levels with open living and dining spaces, 4 standard en-suite bedrooms, a master suite, a roof terrace lounge and bar.

All inhabited spaces are provided with an infinite view of the ocean with the used of tall glazed windows. The framework of the windows is of white aluminium powder coat finish, which blends in with its neutral surrounding. The white interior and exterior finishes to the villa in Ambalangoda and its minimalist landscape completes the overall tropical feel. The introduction of the open courtyard adjoining the living room maintains the flow of daylight enhancing the natural brightness within the space.

Cut cement titanium seamless floors with built in naturally stained timber furniture break away from the solid white effect of the villa and adds a sense of warmth to the spaces. The white tiled infinity pool placed perpendicular to the ocean is slightly elevated above ground to provide a perfect eye level view of the ocean waves breaking against the golden sandy seashore.

Typology Residential Hotels / Resorts
LOCATION Ambalangoda Sri Lanka
CLIENT Chanaka Yatawara
STATUS Completed
DATE October 2017


Architect a-designstudio
Contractor Vilaro Construction
Structural Engineer URO Structural Consultants Pvt Ltd