Al Falah Villas

architecture - 2007

The main house type for the town will be a series of villa house type located within a walled enclosure. There will be a variety of sizes and shapes for the villas ranging from seven to four bedrooms. The plot sizes for the villas will be approximately 1080m2 dependant on plot specifics, this is based on the notional requirement of a 100 x 120 ft plot size (5000 villas). Each villa will be designed with distinct zones: entrance, hospitality, family and domestic workers. Each of the zones has its own related external space (courtyard or garden). 

These courtyards will normally be rectangular in shape to maximize shading potential. All the courtyards will be completely enclosed by a 2.5m high boundary wall. The shapes and forms of plots will vary to accommodate street layouts. All villas will have a distinct and obvious front to the plot, which faces on to a street crescent, garden, square or other public realm space.

Typology Residential Master Planning
CLIENT Aldar Properties
STATUS Completed
DaTe December 2011


Architect GHM Design
Contractor Flour Global
Structural Engineer GHM Design