Ahangama Villa


Located in the coastal towns of southern Sri Lanka, the project sits on the serene shores of Ahangama Beach. The villa is a kaleidoscope of atmospheres organized linearly from public to private spaces. The resulting is a design that embodies a tropical haven, bringing greenery and light into every space. The volume of spaces is carefully designed to capture and amplify the landscape’s strengths. The separation of volumes, accommodates circulation and axes that organize the whole program for the villa. The architectural lines compliment the horizon, they speak low and elegantly rendering the building visually permeable, drawing the ocean views to the epitome of experience.

Setbacks push the volumes inwards to create spaces for opening and rooftop gardens. Each floor accommodates green roofs which are ornated with unique sedum covering, visible at each level from the interiors. The extensive central salt pool that spans the length of the villa, is framed by lush green planters and timber decks. The plants and pool are part of the overall planning and are used for natural filtration of saltwater and passive cooling to regulate the thermal comfort of the living environment.

Rooms are placed in direct view towards the beach, featuring spacious verandahs that extend towards the ocean, luxurious amenities, open-air showers, and private courtyards. From the rooftop, one has an undisrupted view towards the ocean thus it accompanies entertainment spaces such as open to sky seating, a BBQ area, and a gym. Materials are carefully curated to complement the context using the earthy texture of timber and stone.

Ahangama villa is a place for one to bond with nature and with one another, a place for one to experience a true home with glamour. 

Typology Residential
LOCATION Ahangama Sri Lanka
CLIENT Ramesh and Karl
STATUS Tender Negotiation


Architect a-designstudio