Dukhan Qatar Mastetplan

Master planning - 2008

The Dukhan Villas Masterplan is conceived as a luxury residential development. The development is located amongst the spectacular and undisturbed landscape of rugged mountains and fjord-like costal inlets fringed by white-sand beaches and aquamarine sea, together with a rich sense of history and culture unchanged for centuries, set a dramatic & vibrant backdrop for the project. The core development comprises 70 residential villas ranging in size from two to four bedrooms.

The master plan maximises natural site features, arranging the residential villas in four distinct estates spread over the two main arms of the peninsula, increasing exclusivity & taking advantage of site terracing to give uninterrupted sea views to all.

Typology Master Planning Residential
LOCATION Dukhan Qatar
CLIENT Mazaya Qatar
STATUS Schematic Design Stage
DATE Pending


Architect a-designstudio